Diagnosing Neurological
Issues & Finding Remedies
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Neurologists in Monaca, Pennsylvania

Valley Neurological Associates in Monaca, Pennsylvania, along with our new Headache Treatment Center provide neurological services from John T. Carey, MD and Thomas M. Dugan Jr., neurologists. Rica N. Howarth, PA-C is on staff with our doctors who are Board Certified in Neurology and serve the tri-state area.
Our Neurological Services
   •  Alzheimer's Disease
   •  Back Pain
   •  Brain Injuries & Tumors
   •  EMG/NCV Studies
   •  Epidural Injections
   •  Epilepsy
   •  Facial Pain
   •  Fainting
   •  Head Injuries
   •  Headaches & Migraines
   •  Memory & Movement Disorders
   •  Multiple Sclerosis
   •  Muscular Dystrophy
   •  Myopathies
   •  Narcolepsy
   •  Neck Pain
   •  Neuropathy
   •  Neurotoxicology
   •  Parkinson's Disease
   •  Shoulder Pain
   •  Stroke
   •  Thrombosis
   •  Tremors
   •  Trigger Point Injections
   •  Tysabri® Infusions

Neurologists in Monaca, PA
Valley Neurological Associates
The doctors have been in practice more than 25 years. They are very skilled at diagnosing your issue and helping you find a remedy. Our offices accept new patients by appointment only and we accept insurance coverage.

Neurologists may serve as consultants to other physicians as well as providing long-term care to patients with chronic neurological disorders. Treatment or symptom relief is different for each condition. To find treatment options, neurologists first clinically evaluate the patient and may order tests to find out what treatment options are best.

Contact us in Monaca, Pennsylvania, for more about our neurological services and our new Headache
Treatment Center that provides help for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines.